Open Ateliér 2021


Danica danko


            „The open studio Danica and Danko“ is a project about mutual cooperation and mutual support between mom and little son during the lockdown period. During this long period, they are left to spend all days together alone in the studio. What initially seemed to be a problem for both of them, changed over time to fun time together and inspiation.

           Danko is a vivid, hyperactive child, not different from other children or different from us. Unfortunately, this generation has a very limited possibility of movement. As a children, we spent the whole afternoon outside and the computers didn’t exist yet. This generation lives part of their childhood in the virtual world of Minicraft and other games. I do not want to criticize it, on the contrary, I try to accept this fact as well.

                 For this reason, during this period joint works began to emerge, in which the children’s imagination of a boy influenced by the virtual world meets the creative experiences of his mother / me Danica Ondrej. Danko’s worlds and favorite characters, such as Enderman or Creeper, whom I didn’t know, until we started drawing and painting them together. Worlds so far away from my world have came together to create entirely new visual works and images that we can call truly contemporary.

              The Open Studio is an invitation to the Danica and Danko´s Open Studio, which will be continuously published on the Internet with the intention of inspiring other artists and parents to similar activities.

"Cartoon CAT & Cartoon DOG"

Cartoon CAT&Cartoon DOG,150x110cm, acrylik, oil on canvas, 2021

working in progress

A work of art - artwork